Full Name: Halo
Date of Birth: N/A
Sex: Female
Location of Rescue: Moreno Valley, California

After every storm comes a beautiful rainbow, a promise of hope — a sentiment that couldn’t be more true for a young burro welcoming a newborn after experiencing a devastating loss.

A wild burro mother struggled to give birth, her deceased baby hanging out of her and she was desperately begging for help. She came out of the hills, walked around the community with her one year old daughter Halo faithfully following at her side like her shadow. The strongest animal in the world is a grieving mother that wakes up and keeps going. As the clock ticked, so did the chances of the end results being life or death. In a state of shock she must of held on until help arrived. Animal Control and our rescue team tried several times to pull the deceased baby out, with no luck. Mother was crying, sweating and heartbroken. We then arranged a trailer to pick them up and transport them to Socal Equine Hospital. Once they arrived to the hospital Doctor Wan began to take the unborn baby burros body apart to get it out. He treated the mother and really believed she was going to survive, but we lost her too. We wished the outcome could have been different but we are thankful that she is free of pain and suffering. Her daughter Halo mourned and grieved for such a long time, she lost her mother and her unborn sibling. Her heart was shattered into a million pieces by the loss. Both will always be remembered and never forgotten, as we see their light, live on, in the twinkling eyes of Halo.

Today, Halo has finally accepted our love and trusts that she is safe. While all the male donkeys and burros at DonkeyLand are castrated, we discovered Halo was pregnant from the wild. Sadly she lost her mother and unborn sibling, we know nothing in the world will ever replace her mother, but a new chapter in life for Halo will begin. Soon Halo will be comforted by a newborn baby. It’s such a blessing to have this new little life for her to celebrate.

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