About Us


Our Vision, Mission and Values
DonkeyLand rescue facility is for donkeys and wild burros that are sick, injured or orphaned.

Our rescued donkeys have usually suffered terrible abuse by the hands of their cruel owners. We have rescued and rehabilitated animals who have been severely abused, neglected, starved to emaciation, beaten, confined in their own waste, shot and many other acts of animal cruelty. We allow them as much time as they need to heal, emotionally and physically, as we restore their trust in humankind and for those who are healthy enough, we find them safe, loving, permanent adoptive homes where they can become a cherished member of a family but because our goal is a forever home – title does not transfer, meaning with a guarantee that in the event the family can no longer care for their donkey, the animal can safely be returned back to DonkeyLand.

Our wild burro emergency rescues involve safely capturing, providing first-aid onsite treatment, transporting to the hospital, rehabilitating, castrating the males rescued, then releasing the burros back to the wild with their family, as we never want to take away their freedom. Ultimately that is our goal but in some cases the ideal situation does not always happen and the burro becomes a permanent resident of DonkeyLand. We are a forever home for those who can’t be released back to the wild because of a traumatic car accident, injury, illness or a special needs situation. They come to us traumatized, desperate and betrayed. With us they find love, safety, compassion, dignity, trust, hope and a new beginning.

Our Vision
Our vision is to see the local wild burro herds remain wild and free. However, if it ever comes down to the day that they are in danger of losing their freedom then this is our vision: To see the wild burros live in a natural eco-friendly habitat, locally and on their own land, where they have everything to sustain themselves in an environment that is as close as possible to the freedom that they lost, with water from the mountain springs that nature has already provided, with rolling hills to play, run and graze on, living a much deserved life together with their family in peace and harmony.

Our Mission Statement
“Leaving a legacy to donkeys and our majestic treasured wild burros.”

Our Mission
Our mission is to elevate the status of donkeys and wild burros. We want to save lives and to educate the public about the plight of these animals, both in captivity and in the wild, inspiring humankind to love, respect and protect these innocent creatures. The wild burros in Riverside County and San Bernardino County are California’s ONLY free-roaming herds left on private land. We vow to continue to be the voice for them, with the number one goal to preserve and protect the local wild burros and their freedom.

Our Values
We believe in humane treatment, compassionate care and respect for all animals, especially their right not to be exploited for human purposes. This is why we are not a zoo or open to the public except by invitation only. We hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity, honesty, truthfulness, loyalty, reliability and uprightness. We are grateful to the teamwork, trust and support of our donors, the community, the authorities and our doctors. Thank you to everybody who believes in our cause, it truly takes a village to help, when help is needed.