Awareness Campaign


The goal of the “Awareness Campaign” is to discourage illegal pick-ups of newborn baby burros in the wild that many members of the public mistakenly believe have been abandoned by their wild burro mothers. While we are able to rehabilitate orphaned and injured wild burros, there is no substitute for the care and feeding these babies receive from their mothers in the wild. As mothers milk contains important antibodies that help build the young newborn babies immune system. Therefore, well-meaning members in the community or hikers who attempt to help these babies by returning them to the wrong herd, taking them home, feeding the wrong milk or approaching them too close which may scare them or the mother off in another direction, actually are doing more harm then good. Furthermore, the mother will mourn and grieve the loss of her baby. The mother will also suffer painful milk stagnation. The wild burros are federally protected animals making it illegal and punishable by law to “take” wild burros without permission, to harm or harass them.

Here’s How You Can Help!

  • If you see a wild burro in distress, injured or a baby burro abandoned call your local Animal Control Center or you can call DonkeyLand.
  • After your call is placed, our rescue team will monitor the burro for 24 hours or more, depending on the situation, and if necessary our trained volunteers will safely rescue the baby with permission.

To report a distressed or orphaned wild burro please call the correct jurisdiction. Remember NEVER wait and think someone else might make the call for help, YOU may be the ONLY voice for a injured or lost animal in need.

  • Riverside County Department of Animal Services (951) 358-7387
  • Moreno Valley Animal Control (951) 413-3790
  • Redlands Animal Control (909) 798-7644
  • DonkeyLand 24-hour Emergency Rescue calls ONLY (951) 234-0393

Get involved and spread the word!

  • Keep our contact information with you.
  • Spread the word by printing and distributing this flyer.
  • Share our posts from our various social media channels with your family and friends.
  • We do from time to time need emergency volunteers to get involved with the day-to-day care at our facility. However, we currently have enough volunteers at this time. We will post it when a volunteer position opens. Thank YOU!