Full Name: April Savannah
Date of Birth: April 03, 2014
Sex: Female
Location of Rescue: Highgrove, California

Our beautiful April Savannah is the other half of Noah’s love story. She was discovered by one of our volunteers who seen her among a herd of over 50 wild burro jacks running down a hill, into a field nextdoor to DonkeyLand. It was a very dangerous situation. With no mommy in sight, we made the decision to bring her into DonkeyLand where she would be safe while we searched for her mommy. Although we never did find her mommy and every mommy in the wild, who appeared to have milk, all had their babies by their side.

Perhaps she followed the echoing bray of Noah, which he cried every night until April arrived. Maybe she was his best friend already and couldn’t stand to be without him.

April was bottle fed around-the-clock with Noah and soon realized that she was in a safe, special place. April has had ongoing health issues and is a permanent resident at DonkeyLand.

Love bloomed between April and Noah, today they are inseparable and our two little lovebirds!

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