Full Name: Bunny Love
Date of Birth: November 11, 2011
Sex: Female
Location of Rescue: Loma, Colorado

Every donkey at Donkeyland is special and they all have a story, but Bunny Love’s story is extra special. She is our long distance rescue. Bunny was born in Colorado and as a newborn orphan she was scheduled for slaughter. We received a call about her on a cold, rainy morning and knew we couldn’t let that happen. We arranged a babysitter for Sunshine, rented a trailer and drove 18 hours straight through to Colorado to rescue her. When we arrived, it was a filthy place. We loaded her up in the trailer, got her papers and got out of there as fast as we could. Orphan babies are very fragile under the best of conditions and this was a long, cold trip home to Donkeyland.

Finally home, we had to bottle feed Bunny around-the- clock. With our loving care and lots of attention, Bunny flourished. What a blessing, Sunshine finally had a friend. It didn’t take long for us to realize there was something different about Bunny. She kept getting taller and taller and her appetite kept growing too. We discovered that she is a Mammoth Donkey. Mammoth Donkeys are the largest donkeys in the world. They descended from several large European donkeys imported to the United States in the mid-to-late 18th century. George Washington is responsible for the first breeding of Mammoth Jacks in the United States.

Bunny is our gentle giant. She is the first to greet visitors and has the loudest bray in town.

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