Full Name: Teddy aka Teddy & Bear
Date of Birth: May 03, 2015
Sex: Male
Location of Rescue: Moreno Valley, California

Hello, my name is Teddy, and I would like to tell you the story of my life – so far. Once upon a time I was born a free-roaming wild burro roaming the hillsides and meadows with my Mommy and the rest of our herd. Life was great, then when I was three days old, a big mean dog came out of nowhere, chased my Mommy and herd away. I couldn’t run fast enough, even though I tried, so they abandoned me and left me behind. The dog hurt me really bad. He tore open my legs, back and especially both sides of my neck leaving deep wounds from his teeth. I was alone and so scared. Then a man found me and took off his t-shirt to wrap me in it, hoping to stop all the bleeding. He called Animal Control, luckily they called DonkeyLand right away. Do you know about DonkeyLand? I was rushed to one of DonkeyLand’s surgeons who started making me better. I had surgery, they stitched me up, I stayed in the hospital and then I was taken to DonkeyLand. All the people at the rescue center were so nice to me and told me I would never be alone again. They were right. I want to spend my whole life at DonkeyLand, boy do I love it here! I have lots of friends to run and play with. When I finally got all my teeth I got some treats too. At first I only got milk and milk pellets. It was pretty yummy but awfully expensive. My human surrogate Mommy slept at DonkeyLand every night rain or shine to make sure I got fed around-the-clock. They are taking such good care of me, I finally healed and am so happy. Oh, I even had a Teddy Bear to snuggle with because I missed my Mommy so much. Imagine that! My story is not over, my journey has just begun.

Well the reason I am writing is to let you know that DonkeyLand could use your help on my behalf. Do you want to become my DonkeyLand Angel? Thank you for your consideration.

Teddy & Bear

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