Sponsor an animal and make a lifesaving difference.

Yes, I want to become a DonkeyLand Angel TODAY… you can help give the gift of a second chance to a rescued donkey or a wild burro. We need Angels like you to help pay for emergency medical expenses, rehabilitation treatments, follow-up doctor visits, castrations for the males, vitamins, hoof care and any other specialized care needed. We are a forever home for those who can’t be released back to the wild because of a traumatic car accident, injury, illness or a special needs situation.

For the animals who are healthy enough, our goal is to find them safe, loving, permanent adoptive homes where they can become a cherished member of a family, but because of our promise to every animal in our care that they will always have a forever home – title does not transfer, meaning with a guarantee that in the event the family can no longer care for the donkey or burro, they can safely be returned back to DonkeyLand. However, until they find loving families of their own, each rescued survivor would love to have their very own Angel like you.

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